Don't Wear it Out

Wearing out your clothes can mean two things: Wearing it out to somewhere or wearing it out through washing.

At The Laundry Basket, we make sure your clothes don’t wear out by promising service of the finest quality. We believe you should be the one wearing your clothes out and not the washing machine.

That is why we are the top launderette in Paisley. With a renowned attention to details, you can be sure there will be no hanging threads, no ugly bleaches and no regrets.

Operating Hours

We are open on:

Mon-Fri : 8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday : Closed

Contact Us:

 Tel: 0141 848 5741

Our Location

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Pick-up and Delivery

Make your appointment online and we’ll pick up your clothes shortly!


Our Current Offers:

15 FOR £18: 15 items washed and ironed for only £18!
HAPPY MONDAYS 10% Off For Over 60’s! (On All Washes, Service Washes, And Ironing.)
ON SELECTED DAYS Buy 1 Service Wash And Get 2nd ½ Price. (2 Service Washes For Only £12.75!)
25% OFF FIRST ORDERS First Pickup & Delivery Service
CONTRACTS AVAILABLE See manager for details
LOYALTY CARDS Ask a member of staff about our loyalty cards

The Laundry Basket Pledge

We are Paisley’s #1 laundrette, providing the comprehensive services you need and deserve. From Paisley across to Renfrewshire, nobody can match our quality, our service, and our convenience. Here’s our pledge:

Our Guarantee


We will deliver your ironing within two days of receipt or the service is free, plus we’ll pay for another laundry service to do your next load if you so choose.

We will return your service wash within 24 hours of receipt or refund your money and give you the next wash free.

1. Unbeatable Service

1What makes our customers come back again and again? The secret lies in our emphasis on our unbeatable customer service. Each time we see a face of a satisfied customer, we simply know we are heading in the right direction.

2. Finest Quality

The Laundry Basket is honored to provide you with the finest quality of laundry services in the area. Armed with a fleet of high-end washing machines and detergents, your laundry only undergoes treatment from the very best.

3. Service true and through

All clothes will be folded and wrapped neatly before they are returned to our customers and any dry cleaning will be protected. Without the mountain of unfolded laundries, your wardrobe can now be as neat and compact as possible.

4. Consistency

Be it the quality of our services or the smiling faces of our staffs, the very least our launderette can do is to be consistent. That way, you’ll be sure that we never fail to deliver.


5. Punctuality

The big day’s coming and there’s no time for all the washing and drying? Our timely service promises to return your wash by the 24th hour of receipt or else any payment will be fully refunded and the next wash will be free. We also guarantee that any ironing not delivered within two days of receipt will be free of charge. Plus, we will pay for another laundry service (that is if you can even find one as good as us) to do your next load.

6. Convenience

Free pickup and delivery will be offered to the local community (3 mile radius from the shop) or any orders above £20. Our aim is to keep your hands free because we sincerely mean it when we say you can ease your mind by leaving your laundry to us.

(£1 will be charged for orders under £20 outside the 3 mile radius)

7. More than just a launderette

We believe in going beyond simply a launderette. Old customers are like old friends where reliance and trust are present. We strive to go beyond pure business and into a relationship where we would be able to exchange greetings and share our knowledge through blogposts and newsletters. We believe that as the top launderette in Paisley and Renfrenshire, we can be your friend. Help us in our journey to go beyond a launderette by dropping us a feedback whenever you discover anything we can improve on via the contact us page. You can also hop by for a chat when you’re free!

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